Trail Camera Application for Anti Poaching Efforts

The alarming rate of poaching in South Africa is now warranting larger and larger budgets being made available to clamp down on the rate at which these poachers are slaughtering SA’s rhino population. The increasing plight of the rhino is now also attracting attention to the common poaching of many, many other of our animal species.

The fight against poaching requires a lot of resources and a lot of trained up people. Affordable technological aids come in the form of camera traps (AKA trail cameras) that are little self-contained camera units which can be placed in strategic points in the bush to photograph anyone walking past. The newer and more sophisticated trail cameras are also now able to MMS or email the photo immediately to a list of predetermined cell phones, email addresses or directly integrated with our Willburg App. This instant alert has proved to be very useful in mobilizing teams in real time when a poacher triggers any of the cameras around a reserve.

by Willburg Outdoor

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